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Dear friends, March '18 has been our third month on the web.

Visits are increasing daily, and our tracks so far have been downloaded in every continent except....Antarctica!  Thanks to all of you that are supporting this initiative, sending us encouraging and positive words. Although this is definitely exciting, I realised pretty quickly that I couldn't handle this project completely alone. For this reason now PianoAccompanimentsTracks is opening its door to other pianists, so that we could offer a team of pianists to our aficionados and future new users!

This will automatically lead to a much faster increment of the works available in our library (which anyway reached already almost 1600 tracks in only three months!), and at the same time it will be easier to answer to all the requests that we receive from musicians that would like to see a certain work available to download. 

The search of pianists from all over the world that would like to take part of this ambitious project is still on (feel free to suggest names of potential pianists!), but at the moment it's with great pleasure that I can announce the first two additions: Claudia Mariano, an Italian pianist specialised in opera and vocal works (you can now visit the "Voice collection" and you will notice how many tracks have been added just in a week!!), and Justyna Gabdzyl, a Polish pianist who will focus on instrumental repertoire. You can read more about them in the new section "Our Team". 

I can only ask you to stay tuned, and come back frequently to visit us so that you'll witness yourself the next developments and offers at PianoAccompanimentsTracks.com!

Mauro Bertoli






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