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Thanks for being part of the community of classical musicians that use PianoAccompanimentsTracks.com . This is the first post of many that will come, and the good thing is that you can be part of our discussions!

My name is Mauro Bertoli, and I'm the Founder and Creator of this Website, which I like to call "a new library that hopefully will become a reference point on the web for classical musicians".

The website is fairly new, however in its first two months of life more than 1200 tracks have been recorded by myself and are now available online. Users from all over the world have already visited and purchased such tracks, and I've been receiving very positive feedback so far (and I'm very happy about it!). Being this a baby born project, things are changing and evolving often and hearing your voice, your praise and your critics, will help me improving this website over time. For sure right now you won't find all the works that you need, but you have the possibility to make your requests through the contact page, and hopefully soon you'll see your requests listed in the library!

However there is sometime a little misconception that I like to clarify in this first post. Can this library substitute a real piano accompanist? Clearly the answer is NO, in fact that's not the intent that led me to work on this project. Instead of explaining why this can not replace a real pianist I would rather to talk about the several reasons that make me strongly believe in such project, and here I would like to list what I think are the top four:

1) working often as a piano accompanist, in the past I've been asked several times by colleagues to record tracks for their students. When I've done so, I've personally witnessed the benefit that such students had from practising along the accompaniment since the early stage of learning a work. They were aware of how the piano part sounds, their sense of rhythm was much stronger and they were able to play better in tune. Eventually they were able to speed up the whole learning process, and all together I consider these points very important.

2) as a concert pianist I've been very lucky to be able to travel around the world to perform. I've been in important cities as well as in remote locations. While in big cities you can easily find pianists in every corner, that's not the same in other areas where finding a pianist to collaborate with it's an incredible difficult task if not sometime impossible. PianoAccompanimentsTracks.com is available worldwide, and it can become very helpful where a real pianist is not available. 

3) I have still to meet someone that can afford to practice daily with a pianist. That's why usually musicians tend to meet and work with a pianist only later on in their preparation of a work. And that's when sometime they suddenly figure out that playing together is completely different than playing alone! The tracks available on this website are recorded at different speeds, and more than often at very slow speeds, so that everyone can start to work with a virtual pianist basically as soon as they decide what to play. You can use them as many time as you want and whenever you want! Financially, this is a great opportunity of saving $$. Of course these tracks are more structured, in terms of tempo and interpretation, compared to a live performance where other important elements (that can be experienced only in a live performance) add up. But thanks to the support you received working often with these accompaniments it will be much easier for you to gain the freedom of interpretation that you eventually will need.

4) amateur musicians often feel shy to collaborate with a professional pianist. Often their piano partners are amateur musicians too, and may be sometime they do not have the skills to play advanced works. PianoAccompanimentsTracks.com give them the possibility to enjoy more their time with their instruments, 

Well, I think that's all for the first post. I look forward to hearing from you too!





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