8 things they didn't tell you about playing the viola

di Mauro Bertoli sopra October 02, 2020

1. It’s heavy

Playing the viola is a workout for the eyes and the mind, but mostly the arms.

2. You always get the weird harmony in orchestra

“Can we not just have a *little* bit of the tune?” you cry to your conductor, among a sea of accidentals. No, you may not.

3. The alto clef

Yes, it's the bane of your life. Yes, you have to learn a whole new clef to play your instrument. But other musicians will secretly find this impressive and intriguing.

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4. You’ll always be the butt of the ‘viola’ jokes

No one ever told you about the constant mockery.

5. Everyone will think you just play the violin

Yep, we know. Those guys don't even have a C string!

6. On the plus side, you’ll get really muscly fingers and hands

Forget sports: all you need is a string instrument and some pacy fingering to get those appendages in shape.

7. Also, your muscle memory will be on POINT

Once you get used to being locked in 'viola neck' all rehearsal, you'll be a virtuoso before you know it.

8. You’re one in a million

Unlike the fifty violinists battling for the orchestra leader spot, if you want that front desk space, IT'S YOURS.

Violists: you're essential. Never forget that.

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di Dylan sopra November 01, 2020

As a viola player I can affirm all the above! I would add one, though, that’s even worse: your instrument has no standard size so you have to literally try on every single instrument before you buy one. At least it’s truly yours by the end of all that :)