Best Trumpet Mouthpieces 2020

di Mauro Bertoli sopra November 03, 2020

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1. Bach 3C

Bach 3C

First on our agenda is the Bach Standard Series because it is practically a household name among trumpet players. The Bach 3C is a renowned medium mouthpiece with a little more dimension than its 7C model measuring 16.30mm. It is wider rimmed but not too tough to blow a note with.

Recommended for intermediate players rather than beginners, it requires a bit of panache to play. The difference in size is pretty nominal but still expands the range of notes you can play and gives the tone a colorful kick.

It is still fairly open so it's great for classical songs but you can get a zippier sound when you take it up the octave which is nice and jazzy. It has a great build-quality, feels solid and has no seam as its one time drawn.

+ Renowned model with reputable manufacturing.
+ Medium width rim.
+ Good range.

Why We Liked It - It is reasonably priced, well-made and makes a huge difference when you upgrade from your stock mouthpiece. It is smooth to play and the notes have great resonance.

2. Bach Mega Tone

With the Bach Standard Series fresh in your heads, we are just going to compare the 3C from their Mega Tone range. It is a premium piece that presents the same 16.30mm diameters as the standard 3C but the cup has much more depth. This gives the sound a new dimension.

This extended cup length gives it much more presence enough to accompany a symphony. It is deemed a good all-rounder because it plays a decent range but has a louder more jubilant vibe comparatively. To the standard series mouthpiece equivalent. Being deeper, It requires a little technique to keep a note held smoothly.

It is again well-fabricated, the outside of the mouthpiece is around double the thickness so it is a little weightier.

+ Premium symphonic mouthpiece.
+ Great warmth and presence.
+ Large cup.

Why We Liked It - It is a professional level mouthpiece with a beautiful, regal-sounding timbre. It can compete at orchestra levels without getting lost in the mix.

3. Glory Silver Plated 7c

Glory Silver Plated 7c

Our next selection is a good-quality, cheap and cheerful replacement mouthpiece. It is a 7C sized model with a bore-hole that is universally compatible with most trumpets. It has been well-machined and is plated to comply with leading industry standards. It retails for under $10 bucks and whilst it undoubtedly doesn't compare with a high-end piece it provides a simple solution that won't break the bank.

It would make a nice mouthpiece for a parent passing on an older instrument to a kid, giving them a fresh mouthpiece of their own. It could also be used to revamp an old model for yourself. Quite often the plating will go awry on the mouthpiece first as they get so much more contact than other parts.

+ Beginners mouthpiece.
+ Plated.
+ Budget-friendly.

Why We Liked It - As cheap trumpet mouthpieces go, this is a fine model that sets a good standard. It plays very smoothly, despite being a budget model and being a 7C it is perfect for beginners.

4. Yamaha YACSHEWLEAD Bobby Shew

Yamaha YACSHEWLEAD Bobby Shew

Over to Yamaha for a look at one of their signature series pieces, the Bobby Shew lead trumpet mouthpiece. It is a larger diameter mouthpiece (16.58mm) but it features a shallow cup. It provides notes with a richer depth than a 3 or 7C. It is still tightly formed enough for some sweet high-notes, it is pretty slick to play and better for larger lips.

The compression balance is good, it is not too tricky for an intermediate player to master. It gives a pleasant open sound with the right breath control. It is well-crafted and features semi-round contours and a narrow back-bore. This gives the higher registers the clarity they need for a highly resonant lead that cuts above the instruments backing it.

+ Shallow cup, wide rim.
+ Balanced compression.
+ Great for leads with a diverse range.

Why We Liked It - It is a great performance trumpet for live band use. It has a piercing higher register that shines but it is not for beginners because it needs a refined embouchure to blow.

5. Blessing MPC5CTR 5C

Blessing MPC5CTR 5C

Another reasonably cheap option that provides a sort of middle-ground between a 7C and 3C, is this, 5C model from E.K Blessing. They are another company with deep roots in trumpet manufacturing. Trading for over a century they have perfected their art. It is a good quality transitional mouthpiece for those who want to try to branch out.

The measurement of the diameter is around 16.25mm and it makes hitting the higher notes a little easier to hold. The rim is smooth against your lips and has a good thickness. It provides a lovely ring and has impressive intonation.

+ Narrower shaft.
+ Well-made.
+ Reasonable price-tag.

Why We Liked It - It is built as beautifully as a Bach but will save you half the cash. It is a great intermediate mouthpiece and makes for a lovely upgrade.

6. Whitelotous Gold Plated Meg 3C

Whitelotous Gold Plated Meg 3C

This beautifully plated mouth from Whitelotus is a cheaper version of the Bach 3C Mega tone model. If you are aching to try a deeper cup size out but don't want to shell out too much then this one could be your solution. With a larger cup, it promises a wider range of notes for a well-practiced player.

It is durably-made and comes with a range of finishes, we like the gold lacquer. The intonation is great, the design is computer-aided and it is computer lathed as well from one piece. Marketed as a 3C we would say it is on the smaller side as the rim measures a little less than some of the others we have highlighted.

+ Deep cup.
+ Extended range.
+ Cheaper solution.

Why We Liked It - The quality of the materials is lower, as this one has less weight. It will dent if you drop it but it does the job and gives the trumpet a great sound and an extended range.

7. Cecilio 5C

Cecilio 5C

Another great 5C option for an intermediate player to switch it up with. is this cheap Cecilio mouthpiece, that retails very affordably. Perfect for players who aren't sure about trying a new size and pretty impressive quality considering the price.

It has a large rim diameter of around 17mm and a very narrow back-bore before it opens back out. This means it will take a strong embouchure to play but the smoother quality it adds to your instrument is instantly recognizable. A welcome upgrade for any jazz player. It gives your top notes a glorious resonance and improves the range of your instrument with a warmer overall tone too.

+ 5C transitional size.
+ Narrow back-bore.
+ Superb high notes.

Why We Liked It - It is a cheap investment that gives users a better range of notes, it sounds very bright and jazzy.

8. Bach 5C

Bach 5C

Back to Bach for a look at their 5C which sits between their 3 and 7C models. It's another well-balanced pipe with semi-contours. Perfect for an intermediate playing to step-up their game. It has balanced compression and gives low notes a little more gusto than a starter mouthpiece and extends the high register.

The rim has well-rounded edges and is comfy to play, it doesn't require too much breath and gives a lovely tone throughout the trumpet. It is particularly good for an instrument with a rotor attachment to jump around the notes with.

The diameter of the shallow cup is 16.26mm and it is fairly easy to master once you break it in. Beautifully-made with an accurate taper and finished with a silver plating it is another awesome upgrade.

+ Shallow cup.
+ Balanced compression.
+ Beautifully made.

Why We Liked It - It is a great standard series option that provides a little more range than Bach's starter mouthpiece.