Here you can require custom orchestral backing tracks. They are realized with the best orchestral VST.
You can order two different backing tracks:
- "a tempo" track played with metronome for practicing use
- play along track ( with "rubato" ) that is played following a recording from you or another artist

Listen to this example of L.V. Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 - 1 mvt


Our price is per minute of music and it's based on the number of instruments and arrangement complexity.
The price ranges from 30$ up to 70$ per minute of music.
In case the orchestral score is not available we can realize a custom arrangement for you.

Recordings will be sent to you via e-mail after 5-7 days of work. The track will be uploaded on this website after 30 days from your purchase.
Send us an email at with the work title, sheet music, and recordings (if available) and we will make a quote for you.